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Our team

With over 40 years collective recruitment experience we know exactly how to match incredible talent with exciting roles. From our initial conversation to achieving your end goal, you’ll work with us every step of the way. So, it’s about time we introduced ourselves.

Imran Anwar

Founder and Executive Recruiter

Having successfully scaled Careem’s tech talent from handfuls to hundreds as their first in-house recruiter I wanted the wider region to benefit from my experience.

I’d supported Careem’s rapid growth until it was sold to Uber for $3.1bn. I knew how to build amazing tech teams and work through every challenge. I’d uncovered talented people around the globe and opened doors to opportunities they didn’t know exist.

As my reputation within the tech ecosystem grew, so did my global network of senior decision-makers and desirable candidates.

So, I chose to establish Talent Seed. Proud of our credentials, we provide incredible knowledge whilst actively discovering talented people. Untapped potential most businesses aren’t aware of. Many haven’t considered a career move until we approach them.

And if you’re that talented person wondering whether to relocate, feel reassured I’ve been where you are now. Relocating is a big decision, and I can personally help you, considering factors such as schooling, healthcare, and local culture.

I’ve helped hundreds of remarkable people create their best life and make a huge difference to exciting tech enterprises developing across EMEA. There are so many more people to come.

Ryan Maguire

Principal Recruiter

I help tech companies grow by finding world-class engineering and product talent. Having previously achieved this in-house when working for Careem, I’ve overcome every obstacle, understanding tech recruitment from the inside-out.

Give me your ‘tough to fill’ roles. I love them. You’ll often find me strategically sourcing talent to achieve your goal. If you’re a potential candidate, I recommend you understand your personal values first. From there, we can help you find companies on the same page.

Dubai has become a fantastic home for me. When not helping to grow the rapidly emerging tech industry here, I’ll be in the boxing gym or searching for my lost golf balls.

Amina el Bakkali

Principal Recruiter

Like Imran and Ryan, my recruitment career included time building Careem. But unlike Imran and Ryan, I recruit non-tech talent. This includes finance, marketing, HR, and senior executives. When you’re building a comprehensive team to grow your business my skills perfectly complement our tech capabilities.

Having helped create entire teams from scratch, both in Amsterdam and Dubai, I’ve also supported many inspiring and fast-growing start-ups across the Middle East.
I love chatting with new people, whether they’re clients or candidates. Those friendly conversations enhance the incredible network I continue to draw on daily. Transparent in my approach, I’ll only take on roles I’m confident I can fill with excellent talent.

Living in both Dubai and Amsterdam, I love the Dubai lifestyle. It’s a melting pot of different cultures and so easy to travel worldwide from.

Shall we make it happen for you?